You can find Yorg's presskit here.

Yorg's Press

"For those who love their arcade-style racing games Yorg is actually quite amusing." (GamingOnLinux)

"If you haven't played this fun game yet you ought to give it a try!" (Free Game News)

"As you can see, the amount of changes and additions is significant." (Jugando En Linux)

"Free racing game Yorg with multiplayer support." (Pro-Linux)

"But undoubtedly the most remarkable is the inclusion for the first time of a multiplayer mode." (Jugando En Linux)

"With the right amount of polish it could end up being a really fine racer." (GamingOnLinux)

"Yorg is a very fun racing game in the style of MicroMachines, and we recommend all of you to try without further delay." (Jugando En Linux)

"I think they've got a great start here and it could really turn into something awesome if they keep on developing it." (GamingOnLinux)

"Yorg is already giving a lot of fun right now. The tracks are quite substantial, varied and challenging." (LinuxCommunity)

"This new release includes important changes that improve the playable experience to a great extent and also several new features." (Jugando En Linux)

"It all looks very well made; anyone looking for some arcady action racing should give this a try!" (Free Game News)

"This arcade fun is the one that offers us this title." (Jugando En Linux)

"The game caught a lot of attention among our readers." (Interview with Flavio Calva from Ya2, Jugando En Linux)

"The whole reminds a bit the recently released Micro Machines World Series." (Holarse)