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You can contact us writing an email to flavio@ya2.it.

The team

Hi, I'm Flavio Calva. I'm the founder of Ya2. I was born in Rome; at present I live in Rome. I have a degree in computer science. Videogames are my main passion (Football Manager and Civilization are my favourite ones). I love manga (Meitantei Konan is awesome). Moreover, I love detective stories (mostly Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle). I suck at cooking (despite the fact I'm italian). On the technical side, I'm mainly a coder, and Python is my favourite language. If you want, you can follow me on:

Hi, I'm Luca Quartero. I'm working with Flavio and make art assets. I was born in Biella (Piemonte), where I still live. After I discovered Blender, I fallen in love with this program, which offers a lot of tools for 3D graphics, animations and more. I like all kind of games in the videogames world: the most important thing is quality. Lately I'm a passionate of survival games and MMOs. I love thriller movies, but I also like good comedies. I'm not really good at cooking. I play the guitar and I like working wood. I practiced a lot of sports: soccer, swimming, tennis and karate. Lately I practice freeride, but after some falls I parked the bike and drive the mouse now.


My name is Jay and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I currently live in the south of Puerto Rico. In my free time, I love to play classic video games and compose music for fun. I started playing piano at age 14 and decided soon after that music is my hobby and my passion.


  • Deutsch: Wuzzy;
  • French: xin;
  • Scottish Gaelic: GunChleoc;
  • Spanish and Galician: Leandro Vergara.

Formers collaborators

  • Dario Murgia (testing, until 0.7);
  • Jeff Skyrunner (blog, until 0.7).


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