Community section has been added!

Posted on dom 18 marzo 2018

Hi! As you can note, Yorg is continuously growing, since we're trying to add new features constantly. At the beginning it was something like a prototype, but now it has several features, and it could be considered as a work-in-progress game. We are very surprised when we read people's comments, since we observe people's expectations about it ...

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The first goal has been reached: thank you!

Posted on lun 12 marzo 2018

Hi! A great news for our project: we've reached our first goal on Patreon!

Our first goal was to be able to continue providing a website for our project (this page that you're reading), where we can tell you about our projects, their news, ... Briefly: being connected with you.

Specifically, we get a lot of services from our ...

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Video of the snowy track

Posted on gio 25 gennaio 2018

Hi! Our artist has just rendered a video of his last track!

We've published a couple of screenshots about it recently, but here is a complete video!

We hope that you will like this new track!

Please, consider supporting us!

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Some renderings of our next track: snow!

Posted on lun 08 gennaio 2018

Hi! Our artist has released some renderings of his last track!

As you can see, our next track will be in a snowy land!

So, this time you must be very careful: car's adherence will be an issue for you!

As many followers have requested, we're also working hard on adding the multiplayer!

Please, consider supporting us!

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Yorg 0.8 has been released!

Posted on sab 02 dicembre 2017

Hi! We've released a new version of Yorg!

When we planned this release we thought that it would have been a "light" release, but we got a lot of suggestions and several contributions (yeah, people are helping us! \o/ ), so it has become a rich release!

First of all, we've released a new track (with its original song ...

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