February 2019 update

Posted on sab 16 febbraio 2019

Hi! A fast update about our development efforts.

Roadmap to 0.11

Already implemented:

  • local multiplayer;
  • particle effects;
  • reimplementation of the online multiplayer's gui;
  • sfx improvements;
  • AI improvements;
  • performance improvements;
  • driving model's improvements.
  • Python 3 porting;
  • Panda3D 1.10 porting.

To be implemented:

  • new building pipeline on the VPS;
  • joypad support;
  • testing and bugfixing.

Some download stats:

  • total ...

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Yorg 0.10 has been released!

Posted on lun 29 ottobre 2018

Hi! We've released a new version of Yorg!

A new track, a new song

First of all, we've released a new track (with its original song!): Sinus Aestuum (it is on the Moon!). This track has several interesting aspects, like alternative paths, holes, ... Here's an instant of a race in the new track:

So, now you can ...

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Yorg 0.10 release candidate is ready!

Posted on sab 06 ottobre 2018

Hi! After a lot of development, we have built a release candidate for Yorg's next version!

We will be more detailed about the new features in release's post. Shortly, in the current build you will find:

  • a new track and its new song,
  • a lot of improvements to the multiplayer support,
  • a new camera,
  • updated languages,
  • improvements to ...

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Video of the moon track

Posted on dom 02 settembre 2018

Hi! Our artist has just rendered a video of his last track! Here is the complete video:

Here are some other screenshots of this track:

We hope that you will like this new track!

Please, consider supporting us!

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Some renderings of our next track: Moon!

Posted on lun 09 luglio 2018

Hi! Our artist has released some renderings of his last track!

As you can see, our next track will be on the Moon!

Some other screenshots:

We're also working on a lot of new features. Now we're completing a huge network's refactoring: the goal is to improve multiplayer's usability.

Please, consider supporting us! Thank you!

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