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pmachines's builds

Here you can get pmachines.

Choice your branch

In the following sections, you should define which build you want (stable, rc, alpha):

So, you typically want to use stable builds if you want to play/follow the game. You want to use rc builds if you want to help us with testing (thank you very much!). You want to use alpha builds if you are a very curious person. You can also use multiple branches! :)

Windows installer

Download the installer and launch it for installing the game. If you have already installed it, download and launch the installer for updating it.

If you want automatic updates for Windows, please install it using the itch.io's client (see later). Anyway, we provide Windows installers so you can play it without a itch.io's account.

Linux AppImage

Download the AppImage and do chmod +x Pmachines-branchname-x86_64.AppImage. Then, you can execute it. If you have already downloaded it, ./Pmachines-branchname-x86_64.AppImage --update for updating it (so you don't have to download it again). If you want to check the build's version, ./Pmachines-branchname-x86_64.AppImage --version.

Windows and Linux itch.io

You can install Pmachines using the itch.io's client. To install it, open the project's page (https://ya2.itch.io/pmachines) in the client (the project is hidden during the development, so you can not find it with the "search" function, but you must insert the exact address in the client). You must insert the password pmachines in order to access the page (this is required until the game will be set as public). The itch.io's client will automatically update the game when a new build will be available.

Other projects' builds

Please go to their pages to find their builds.