Yorg 0.9 has been released!

Posted on mar 19 giugno 2018

Hi! We've released a new version of Yorg!

First of all, we've released a new track (with its original song!): Toronto. This is a snowy track, so you will experience less adherence: you must be very careful! But, otoh, it is very fun to drift on the snow! Here's an instant of a race in the new track:

So, now you can drive on 6 tracks!

We've received some contributions. Specifically, we've three new languages: Spanish, Galician and French! A lot of thanks go to Leandro and Xin! Plus, Scottish Gaelic has been updated (thanks GunChleoc)!

We've received several feedbacks, and we've refined our driving model following them.

Moreover, we've added a bit of bloom to the graphics.

Finally, the most asked feature so far: we've added experimental multiplayer support! Here is a screenshot during a multiplayer race:

So, here is our new release trailer!

Notes about the multiplayer

We want to stress that the multiplayer support is very experimental. So, you may see crashes, and we apologize for that. We've tested it a lot using our machines, but there are a lot of scenarios out there that may not have been caught by our tests.

In order to play a multiplayer race, you need an XMPP account. There are a lot of services which provide free XMPP accounts. We suggest creating a new XMPP account for playing Yorg since our XMPP support is still experimental.

Please note that if you want to host a match then you need to open the port 9099 of your router and your firewall (here is a guide for checking if your port is actually open).

We're already working on this limitation (and many other improvements): this is an experimental feature and this is NOT the definitive implementation.


You can find 0.9's download links in Yorg's page. There, you will find links to our pages on GameJolt, itch.io, IndieDB - if you wanted to follow our project in those pages, you would help to increase Yorg's awareness out there, thank you!

Support us

Finally, we remember the ways you may consider to support us. We've ongoing costs, so patroners are one of the most important aspect of this project: in the end, we must thank you patroners for Yorg (Yorg wouldn't have been here without you). As usual, you may consider our campaigns on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!), Salt (minimum pledge: only $1!) and LiberaPay (minimum pledge: only $0.01 - yes, only $0.01!). Thank you very much!


Here is the quick changelog:

  • a new track (with a new song): Toronto;
  • three new languages: Spanish, Galician and French;
  • updated Scottish Gaelic;
  • refined the driving model;
  • added bloom effect;
  • (experimental) multiplayer;
  • other minor improvements;
  • a ton of bugfixes.