Yorg 0.8 has been released!

Posted on sab 02 dicembre 2017

Hi! We've released a new version of Yorg!

When we planned this release we thought that it would have been a "light" release, but we got a lot of suggestions and several contributions (yeah, people are helping us! \o/ ), so it has become a rich release!

First of all, we've released a new track (with its original song!): Rome. Here's an instant of a race in the new track:

Now you can drive on 5 tracks! Moreover, we've added a new car, Teia:

Now you can select among 8 cars!

The main feature of the 0.8 release is seasons. Before this release, you could do only single races: you selected a track, a car, a driver, did that race, and that was it. Now, you can do an entire season! You race on every track (so, 5 races), and there is a ranking that is maintained between the races. So, in the end, you must drive carefully to collect your points in order to win the championship!!!

Moreover, we got some contributions. Specifically, we've two new languages: deutsch and scottish gaelic! A lot of thanks go to Wuzzy and GunChleoc!

Moreover, we got a lot of feedbacks on FreeGameDev and Reddit. This leaded to several unplanned features (so, thanks go to them for their suggestions): we've improved cars' audio, we've refined our driving model and we've implemented a graphical installer for Linux.

Moreover, we've implemented other meaningful features: we've changed the camera, we've added the drifting, we've done several AI performance improvements and fixes, we've added several sfx, we've decreased the download size.

So, here is our new release trailer!

You can find 0.8's download links in Yorg's page. There, you will find links to our pages on GameJolt, itch.io, IndieDB, GitHub - if you wanted to follow/star our project in those pages, you would help to increase Yorg's awareness out there, thank you!

Moreover, IndieDB's Indie of the Year is open! Please, go to our page on IndieDB and vote for us! Thanks!

Finally, we remember the ways you may consider to support us. We've ongoing costs, so patroners are one of the most important aspect of this project: in the end, we must thank you patroners for Yorg (Yorg wouldn't have been here without you). As usual, you may consider our campaigns on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!), Salt (minimum pledge: only $1!) and LiberaPay (minimum pledge: only $0.01 - yes, only $0.01!). Thank you very much!

PS Here is the quick changelog:

  • a new track (with a new song): Rome;
  • a new car: Teia;
  • seasons;
  • two new languages: deutsch and scottish gaelic;
  • improved cars' audio;
  • refined the driving model and added the drifting;
  • graphical installer (with decreased download size) for Linux;
  • changed the camera;
  • performance improvements (AI's optimizations);
  • new sfx;
  • other minor improvements;
  • a ton of bugfixes.