Yorg 0.11 release candidate 2 is ready!

Posted on lun 22 luglio 2019

Hi! I have published a RC build some weeks ago. I have received some important feedbacks about bugs and meaningful features that I could implement quickly. Moreover, there has been a new Panda3D release. So, here is another RC build.

Changelog since last RC build:

  • menu navigation with dpad;
  • added gamepad's vibration;
  • building with Panda3D;
  • several menu fixes;
  • fixed race's start (with gamepad).


If you kindly test this build (this would help me a lot), please report me any bugs you observe. Thank you very much!


You can find 0.11rc2's download links here.


Here are a couple of screenshots of the new version. Actually, I am reusing the ones of the previous post (sharing on social networks needs some images, you know).