Yorg 0.10 has been released!

Posted on lun 29 ottobre 2018

Hi! We've released a new version of Yorg!

A new track, a new song

First of all, we've released a new track (with its original song!): Sinus Aestuum (it is on the Moon!). This track has several interesting aspects, like alternative paths, holes, ... Here's an instant of a race in the new track:

So, now you can drive on 7 tracks!

New camera

We've received a feature request on Panda3D's forum by the users sazearte and Uther, who asked for a new camera. Now you can select a camera from rear, if you prefer. Here is a screenshot with the new camera:

Updated GUI

Moreover, as you can see in the previous screenshot, we've rearranged things in the GUI, following Leandro's suggestions: thanks!


A huge aspect is that we've changed our previous multiplayer implementation in order to improve players' experience.

  • Previously, users needed to create XMPP accounts externally. Now, you can create your accounts from inside the game, with an easy and fast process.
  • Moreover, now a player who wants to host a match doesn't need to configure its machine for accepting external traffic (i.e. he doesn't need to open a port on the router anymore).

So, now the multiplayer experience should be as simple as possible.

Driving model

We've received some feedback, and we've refined our driving model following it.

Updated translations

We've received several contributions. Specifically, we've updated these translations: Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Galician, French and Italian! A lot of thanks go to GunChleoc, Leandro and xin!


So, here is our new release trailer!


You can find 0.10's download links in Yorg's page. There, you will find links to our pages on GameJolt, itch.io, IndieDB - if you wanted to follow our project in those pages, you would help to increase Yorg's awareness out there, thank you!

Support us

Finally, we would love if you may consider to support us. We've ongoing costs, so patroners are one of the most important aspect of this project: in the end, we must thank you patroners for Yorg (Yorg wouldn't have been here without you). As usual, you may consider our campaign on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!). Thank you very much!


Here is the quick changelog:

  • a new track (with a new song): Sinus Aestuum;
  • a new camera (from rear);
  • improvements to the GUI;
  • important improvements to the multiplayer;
  • refined the driving model;
  • updated Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Galician, French and Italian;
  • bugfixes and minor improvements.