The first goal has been reached: thank you!

Posted on lun 12 marzo 2018

Hi! A great news for our project: we've reached our first goal on Patreon!

Our first goal was to be able to continue providing a website for our project (this page that you're reading), where we can tell you about our projects, their news, ... Briefly: being connected with you.

Specifically, we get a lot of services from our hosting provider that are necessary for the development (domain, email, FTP, rsync, Git, mailing lists, ...), so community's help gives us the access to these fundamental tools.

We really want to send our thanks to our supporters, since we can continue developing your game with their essential help. And we want to share this great result with you since we hope that you can be thankful for them since we can play this game because of their support.

There are other goals now!

As you may know, we have a server that continuously makes builds of Yorg, so people can download and play the most recent version. Moreover, we run several other services on this server (as instance, Yorg's server). Next goal is to run this server with community's help: it would be wonderful to see more Yorg's components powered by its community.

So, if you want to share Yorg's development with us, please consider supporting us!

PS 0.9's development is going on and a lot of stuff has been completed: there are still some minor things to do, then we can enter the testing stage. We're working really hard on this, we hope that you will like our outcomes! Thanks! See you soon!