Release 0.7 to ease your September

Posted on sab 09 settembre 2017

September has come and that brings a lot of school memories to the most of us... and especially the romantic ones, of course: we are sweet guys (not the developer, I have to say: he is an heartless monster)! Speaking of heartless people, you may have noticed we are not like that cutie you met as a teenager: what we promise, we give! I agree, you think Yorg is not as much fun as what the cutie promised you, but we still can give you something to play with! And you don't have to do homeworks for us!

In any case, who said it isn't as much fun? Today we are releasing our 0.7 release and it is gorgeous! If you are an habituè of our blog (and why you shouldn't be?) you wouldn't be surprised about what we are going to show you:

That's right! We have weapons and power ups! You asked us new ways to cheat... ehm, I mean... new ways to prove to AIDA that humans can think outside the box and find different ways to win than the usual ones! Who needs tons of ways to calculate how to overtake an opponent, when you can simply blow him away?

Since we know you are eager to have always more to play with, in this release we introduce you Iperion!

This nasty guy is ready to show you what you have missed with other car in terms of power and strength... and he is ready to show his qualities on our new track! Oh yes, this release is full of new stuff, and the country side track is one of them!

Believe me: in this case you are going to think very well if you are going to need a fast car or a stable one!

So, don't waste another minute: for every second you wait before downloading our new release, a kitten dies! You find download links in Yorg's page.

As usual, we are eager to see how much you love us: we have pizzas to eat!

Stay tuned


P.S. As usual, here is the quick changelog:

  • one new car: Iperion;
  • a new track: Countryside track;
  • weapons and power ups;
  • small bugfixes;
  • general improvements.