Community section has been added!

Posted on dom 18 marzo 2018

Hi! As you can note, Yorg is continuously growing, since we're trying to add new features constantly. At the beginning it was something like a prototype, but now it has several features, and it could be considered as a work-in-progress game. We are very surprised when we read people's comments, since we observe people's expectations about it: they expect a real game! And this is wonderful, since we feel that we're not developing a prototype anymore, we're getting to "something".

So, we feel the need to be closer to the users: when we got a prototype there was no need about a community. Now, it may be useful to have services that allow us to communicate properly, so people can easily report feedbacks, feature requests, bugs, ...

Moreover, the next release will feature the multiplayer, so having a place where we can talk about the game is very important.

So, we've added community features on the portals where we put Yorg on. You can find:

  • a community section at the end of Yorg's page on;
  • a comments section at the end of Yorg's page on Game Jolt;
  • a forum section here on Indie DB.

So, now we can keep in touch! See you soon!