April 2019 update

Posted on gio 04 aprile 2019

Hi! A fast update about my development efforts.

Roadmap to 0.11

Already implemented:

  • local multiplayer;
  • particle effects;
  • joypad support;
  • Python 3 porting;
  • Panda3D 1.10 porting;
  • reimplementation of the online multiplayer's gui;
  • sfx improvements;
  • AI improvements;
  • performance improvements;
  • driving model's improvements;
  • new building pipeline on the VPS.

Remaining tasks:

  • testing and bugfixing.

So, I've implemented everything that I planned for 0.11. Now, I'm testing and fixing the project.

Some download stats:

  • total: 2700 downloads;
    • itch.io: 1592 downloads;
    • GameJolt: 760 downloads and 26 installations;
    • IndieDB: 322 downloads.

A great news is that we've reached the second goal on Patreon: the VPS. It is awesome that you are helping us in maintaining the VPS! It's very important since we're using it for providing online multiplayer and Yorg's builds. A lot of thanks go to the patroners: this project wouldn't exist without you!

A couple of screenshots of the brand new feature: local multiplayer: