A new mailing list and IRC channel!

Posted on sab 21 aprile 2018

Hi! As you may have read recently, we added some services for our community, in order to be closer to the users. Specifically, we added forums (or similar) on itch.io, Game Jolt and IndieDB.

Then, we thought that maybe we weren't considering some users: someone may not have an account in those communities, someone may not like forums and prefer emails instead, someone may prefer a chat. So, we've added two new services! We hope you want to keep in touch with us there!

The first service is a mailing list. This is for the users who prefer classical emails for talking. As you can read in our community page, you can subscribe it by sending an empty email to ya2_community-join@ya2.it. Then, when a user writes an email to mailing list's address, users who are subscribed receive it. We are going to use it for announcements, news, support, ... Everything you want to talk about!

But, there are people who prefer a chat to forums and emails. So, we have registered the channel #yorg on freenode.net. So, now you can hang out with us there! More info in the community page.

So, now you can choose your favorite way of communication: forums, social networks, emails, chat, ... We hope you will want to talk with us somewhere! See you soon!