You never forget your first alpha

Ok guys, we are close… the big moment is here! I hope your parents told you about the programmer-bee and the designer-flower works and how after some months a little alpha sees the light…
Now is our alpha moment! Want to alpha see more? Let’s alpha see what we’ve got in this alpha!

First of all… have I mentioned this is an alpha and not a final version? Good, because the programmer has kindly asked me once or twice (per second, only in the last two weeks) to write it down so that you will not blame him for missing expectations.

Let’s have a look of what we are going to show you in this alpha release!

First of all, we are giving you 8 pilots and 4 cars to choose from: if you follow this blog (and why wouldn’t you?) you surely already know Kronos, Themis, Diones and Iapeto! Now you can finally drive them choosing among 8 different pilots and 2 different tracks!

If this isn’t enough (and I know it never is) you will already be able to challenge AIDA, our Artificial Intelligence, to declare once again that humans will always win over machines… or never, if you are really a bad driver, since AIDA is very basic at the moment!

Kronos on game near3

What else? Well… why should I tell you everything? Just go and find out yourself!

You only have to download your release from, GameJolt or IndieDB… and don’t be shy: we won’t judge you if you decide to tip us! On the contrary, we would be so proud of you that we will write your name on next release’s game credits, among the “First dawn belivers”!

If you feel more like encouraging us with a small montly tip, we cover you also on that: patreon is the way and your name will be mention also several ingame assets!

Remember: programmers need coffee and pizza to produce software, and they aren’t cheap!

Stay tuned.

P.S. Remember, it’s an alpha.