Yorg software like Volkswagen’s?

Recently some gossip newspapers are insinuating that Yorg’s cars are linked to the Volkswagen’s scandal due to some resemblances between Ya2 test methods and the ones used in the german factory.

Motivational poster in our developer's cave
Motivational poster in our developers’ cave

With this post we would like to officially claim that our cars have only open software engines aboard, as everybody can check on our repository.

For that reason we deny any involvement in this unpleasant situation, and assure everybody that the smoke you can see outside our developers’ cave is not related with pollution, but very natural… you know, it’s more like grass, I think they call it wee… er… *coff*… well… ehm… that’s another story…

The point of this official post is that Yorg is a green game and we are very proud of it!

Kronos is very proud to be emission free
Kronos is very proud to be emission free