What’s up?

Ehi, where have you been? We have done so much work in here and you don’t say nothing? How ungrateful you are!
What? If we don’t publish anything you will not come to us? So now it’s our fault? Is all about how much we give you? How rude you are, don’t you dare have a look to our new car…

So now you come here and have a look, uh? I’m tempted to close the post without sayng nothing…

… but I am too excited to tell you the latest!

Our development center has been relocated (that means “the developer moved into a new house”… but it’s cooler to say “the development center has been relocated”) but the production hasn’t stop at all! We have made a lot of improvement, cleaning up the code and working a lot on the camera: now you can watch your crashes in a much smoother way!

But the camera isn’t the only feature we have worked on (… in 9 months after the last post, that would have been quite a little thing…). We are very proud to introduce you our new car, Themis!

So perfectly balanced on her jumping
So perfectly balanced on her jumping
Drifting like a princess... who... er... drifts!
Drifting like a princess… who… er… drifts!

She (yes, “she”, we love to think at our cars as they were our little girls…) is more elegant than Kronos, but that wouldn’t affect her thirst for race!

So, our next post would be on the 1st August 2017… see you then!

(… joking, of course…)

Stay tuned!