We’re growing!

No, it doesn’t mean we are becoming older nor that is somebody’s birthday… well, to be honest our developers are very old and technically speaking, each seconds they breath is a second more spent on this planet so a second more of age… and yes, this applies only to them, not to me, since I am too perfect to age, but this wasn’t the point!

We hired two more people in our team!
Ok, “hired” might not be the best word to use, since they don’t receive any money for their work and we are still thinking if we should share the glory of Yorg with them or just the shame… but we are lucky they cannot read, so they have signed up the contract without knowing what was on it and everything is going smoothly!

So let me introduce to you: Jay and Dario!

Jay is our composer and we have immediately tied him at his console and started asking all kinds of new musics, sounds effects, athmospheres… he doesn’t know it yet, but we are messing up with him, asking him tons of changes in all the music, judging them and all without even listening! That could have a drawback if he is smarter than it seems and starts making insulting music that we wouldn’t listen, but we don’t have smart people in our team!

Dario is our main tester. Looking at his photo you can already understand how professional he is and how deep his test would be… but his real job is to be the escape goat! So now the developers can say “It’s not my fault if it doesn’t work, I’ve made it tested by Dario!” and you, as gamers, have somebody to blame for everything that wouldn’t work! It’s a win-win situation, since he would be high much of the time and he wouldn’t care of nothing.

Just in case you wanted to know something more about them, you can find more details on our presentation page!

Stay tuned