Went out and prospering!

“Let’s spread the word!”. This is what our developers said and this is what I have faithfully done… and not just because in this way I hope they will forget all the files I have stolen them to let you sneak around, of course…
For all those pics I have shown you, you owe me a favour: you will help me spread the voice about our great game!

We have written about us in three very important gamedev communities, and we would like to ask you to follow us also there, and tell your friends who may have an account on those sites, to come to say hello…

We have a page on IndieDB here (please click on Track this game).

You can also find us on GameDev here(please click on Follow this blog).

And, least but not last, GameProg (yes we’re italians, so we write on an italian site… problems with that?).

For those that will spread the word, here is another great leaked image (so, if you haven’t followed us or spoken about us with somebody, you’re asked to close your eyes and don’t look at the image):

Look! There is a track with our name in it!
Look! There is a track with our name in it!