Track ‘n’ run

Ehy guys! What’s up?
I guess you’ve just come by to say hello and look how I was going… what?!?! You want more screenshots?!?! Nonono! I can’t! Developers are going to make me… things…

No… hey, why have you clicked that “More” button!?
Did you think I was joking? That you could just make me “the eyes” and I will… will… no… stop! Don’t! Don’t look at me in that way! I… I wouldn’t… No!

Aaaawwwwww! How am I supposed to resist to those eyes?

Ok, ok, let’s find out something for you, little curious gamers!

Here is our favourite view, the “X ray” one!

Connect all the dots and guess what's going to appear...
Connect all the dots and guess what’s going to appear…


and that is where you are going to make your first race… what? Well, of course you wouldn’t run on red lines! This is the solid version

Nothing better than a circuit between houses...
Nothing better than a circuit between houses…


… yeah, I guess that our developers have some issues with noisy neighborhood, if they think midtown would be a nice place to have a race…

And look who’s making some tests… our friend Kronos!

Run, Kronos! Run!
Run, Kronos! Run!

Nice, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for other news!