The name: Ya2

I think that the origin of our name, ‘Ya2’, may be curious. I looked for a short and simple name. It starts from “Iaià”,(which I prefer if written as “Yaya” – it equally sounds in Italian). “Iaià” is how I was calling myself when I began talking.

But Yaya was too long (or not nice, to be honest), so I needed to reduce it. So, Yaya became Ya² (miming the language theory, it would recall the string ‘Ya’ repeated two times). Three characters were a good size for a domain name.

Then, I needed a logo, and I wanted to reduce the size further. “Ya” is the last letter of Cyrillic alphabet (Я), so Ya² became Я² graphically.

I like this name since it describes me, it contains references to languages and it contains the letter Я (Ya). Ya is a wonderful letter, since it means “I” in Russian, so you can feel “Ya” very close to you. And, as I said, it is the last letter of Cyrillic alphabet – this teaches kids humility (which is different from the typical egocentric point of view). I do like this aspect.