The letter P

The work on the game is continuing. Now there are 64 levels, so we are building the second half of the game.

But the summer is hot and I want to talk about a light subject. The letter P. I’m moving to GTD, and the first things I made were the archives. I have a chest of drawers which is made up of six drawers. Five drawers but one have multiple letters (so they contain folders which start with those letters); the exception is the drawer which contains the P stuff. This happens when your favourite language is Python, when most of its libraries are named PySomething, when you use an engine named Panda3D, when the name of your current game starts with P (ok, the project folder is in the projects drawer, but some things have already been archived). And the P drawer is the fullest. It is not very uniform, is it?

Anyway, we are close to publish something about the game!