That’s one small step for a gamer

… but an huge leap for a little indie team!

We’ve made it! Well, you made it, but we made it… I mean… well, you let us made it… Geez, that was far much better and easier in my head!
In any case, we reached a very important goal for a team as little as we are and this post is thanks to you! Do you want to know which goal you made us reach?

We have released Yorg’s first alpha a month ago, and since then you have downloaded the game more than 100 times (in the moment I am writing, we are at 102) considering all Itchio , gamejolt¬† and indiedb and that is a very big success for an alpha release of an indie team like ourselves!

But I know you didn’t come here just for the thanks! You have worked very hard to let us reach this goal, so I have leaked a couple of images of the new cars you are going to find in the next release: Rea and Phoibe!


Well, let’s say that Phoibe loves to be direct in his intentions, with such decals…
Ooohh… she loves little fishes, how cute! Wait… that’s a piranha!
Look at those angry faces… they are not going to love each others on tracks…



This was supposed to be a surprise for the next release, but since you were so great in helping us, I felt I owed you something to thank you!

If you want to help us more, just keep downloading and… well, you know, tips¬† are always welcome!

Stay tuned