Summer’s hot stuff

It’s summer, and in Italy it’s a very hot one… but since it seems that everybody is capable only to speak about weather (well, “complaint” would be a better word), we would like to give you something far more interesting to speak about (and hope not to complain about): sneak peeks of release 0.7!

I’m sure you have read Yorg’s main page  so, probably you already have an idea of what’s going on, but we strongly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a couple of screenshots:

Ups, wrong side… and wrong speed!




Uhm… my spider senses are saying I have to take this corner at full speed… wait… I am not a spider!

That’s right, a brand new track for you to challenge AIDA!

Our designers are veery good with names, so they have choosen to call this track “Countryside” (guess why) and maybe the ones amongst you who pays more attention have already spotted another couple of feature…

Ok, looking at your sparky eyes I guess the sun have boiled your brain, so let me help you with this


Yep! Guns and poweups!

Our developers choose to give you the power of bringing tons of lead on your enemies and watch them suffer!

Want to know more?

You know what you have to do!

Stay tuned