Release 0.6 is your summer gift!

I know what you were thinking: “Italians are lazy and now is summer in Italy, so I am sure the all of them are on beaches, doing nothing but eating spaghetti and playing mandolino”… Am I right?
Well, the truth is we would really really love to, but we have made a very important oath: never but never insult music by playing mandolino!
So what to do with so much free time, if we could not torture music?

That’s right, gifting you with another release!

If you would have read our past posts (but of course you have read them, haven’t you?) you may already know some of the news, but just let me recap them!

First of all, we have introduced two new cars, Rea and Phoibe, with their own official presentation thread here.

Ooohh… she loves little fishes, how cute! Wait… that’s a piranha!
Well, let’s say that Phoibe loves to be direct in his intentions, with such decals…

Then, whe have created a brand new track, the “Amusement park”!

This track is more difficult than previous ones, since it has a lot of hidden paths and secrets, so you might be conviced to be first and then lose the game because Aida comes out from a hideout!

And that’s all so…

Oh, come on, don’t look me with those eyes… ok, ok, we are giving you another present, and that is:

Exactly! We have given a brand new brain to AIDA. Oh yes, now she is aggressive and dangerous… so, she is pretty much like most of the girls we know, but with the difference she drives five cars at once!

I will not say another word about this new release, since you have to download it from:


And please, don’t be shy and show us some love: we have mandolino lessons to buy!

Stay tuned


P.S. For those of you that are in a rush, here is the quick changelog:

  • two new cars: Rea and Phoibe;
  • a new track: Amusement park;
  • a much more competitive AI;
  • small bugfixes;
  • general improvements;

… now you can go back drinking your mojito on the beach, while we work for you…