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Yorg 0.11.1 release candidate

Hi! After a lot of testing (thank you so much Leandro!), we have a new release candidate build of Yorg!

This release has mainly focused on the stabilization, where the biggest contribution is an improved joypad support. Moreover, several translations have been updated (thanks Gunchleoc, Leandro and Wuzzy).

You can download the builds from here:

If you can, please download your build and test it. We have very limited time for testing, so if you could test it (and report the issues you observe) before the final release it would be very kind of you. Thanks!

PS As you can note, Yorg's focus is on getting stable (since it is pretty close to what we planned). Anyway, the other main reason is that we are putting a lot of efforts on kickstarting the new game, which we will introduce to you soon (it will be open source and Panda3d-based of course). Meanwhile, thank you for helping us in testing this release candidate build of Yorg!