Yorg (Yorg's an Open Racing Game) is a free open source racing game developed by Ya2 using Panda3D for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Design elements

  • third person visual perspective;
  • arcade-style;
  • 8 different pilots;
  • 8 different cars (more to come);
  • 5 different tracks (more to come);
  • AI;
  • power-ups;
  • weapons;
  • championships;
  • multiplayer (planned for release 0.9);
  • joypad support, particle effects and several performance improvements will be published as soon as Panda3D 1.10 will be released.

Yorg is FLOSS: the code of the game is released under GPLv3. Ya2's art assets are released under CC BY-SA. Project's source are here.


"It all looks very well made; anyone looking for some arcady action racing should give this a try!" (Free Game News)

"It is precisely this arcade fun the one that offers us this title." (Jugando En Linux)

"The whole reminds a bit the recently released Micro Machines World Series." (Holarse)

Download from GameJolt

Download from itch.io

Download from IndieDB


More info

Note: disable shaders and reduce cars' number in order to play on slower machines.

System requirements: 2 GB RAM, 1 GB HD.

We apply Continuous Delivery in our development. This means that you can play a new build of the game as soon as we do anything. Look at here to pick a development/unstable build.

Yorg is developed by using several tools: Panda 3D, Blender, The Gimp, Python and Bullet.

The development team is currently composed of Flavio Calva and Luca Quartero. Moreover, Jay Bachelor is a precious collaborator. (more info here).

Please, consider supporting us!