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Plith is a fresh indie puzzle game for Windows, OSX and Linux. It puts gamers in a spatial setting, where they have to manage several puzzle elements (mostly gears) and must make quick decisions which can simplify or complicate their path to victory.

Plith is a fast paced game which contains a lot of levels – more than 100 – to be solved. The player moves some gears and can place them on the level; some gears rotate, and transmit their rotation to the adjacent ones: the objective of each level is to activate the target gears. These levels constitute five different worlds, which are subdivided into fourteen sections. Each section introduces new gameplay elements; for example, several kinds of gears and obstacles come out along the game. The game is presented using mostly 3D graphics, with a few handmade drawings as well.

You can also buy it (or download the free demo) from Steam:

You can download Plith’s demo for your platform:

Some screenshots and the trailer:

"Plith also possesses a renewal in levels making the game even more interesting. […] The graphic aspect of this game was beautifully done, the background is pretty, it contains nice animations and all items used in the gameplay are also nice. […] Plith is an excellent puzzle game, a real brainstorming, which is very entertaining and even addictive! It is very difficult to resist its charm once you tried playing. I can only recommend you to promptly buy it (furthermore, it's not expensive, you really have no excuse)!" (Arnauk, Game Side Story)

"Looking to get more brain candy out of your gaming library? Be sure to check out Plith […] The gameplay reminds me a bit of Cogs, another great indie puzzle game." (John, I-Luv-Games)

"If you enjoy puzzles of this nature then it's a great game that should keep you occupied plenty." (Josh "Arro" Merrick, Indie Game News)

"The elements are simple to understand while you play, yet the complicated ways they work together are difficult to explain in writing. That’s often a sign of a great central mechanic: straight forward enough for players to pick up quickly, but deep enough to allow for many puzzle possibilities. […] the central mechanic is strong enough to keep things interesting. If you’re a fan of puzzle games, Plith is definitely worth the miniscule asking price of $3.99." (Michael Irving, Capsule Computers)

"Score: 5/5 Joysticks" (Guillermo Costamagna, Tierra De Soldados)

"[…] this great game called Plith […] is a fun puzzle game for PC which you will greatly enjoy for long periods because it's very addictive." (Juegos de PC)

"The 3D graphics look very well done and there is more than just the standard find the right spot." (Simon Wolfe, Capsule Computers)

"A good puzzle game comes to this blog […] for only €3.50 we can bring home a puzzle game which can engage our brain for a good deal of time." (Flavio Soldani, Idealsoft)

"With over 100 levels already available, new gameplay elements are being introduced to keep the player challenged and not bore him with unchanging mechanics." (Vincenzo Lettera, IndieVault)

"Puzzle games are devilish in their simplicity. That’s what is going through our head upon watching the gameplay trailer for Plith." (Chris Priestman, The IndieGame Magazine)

Learn To Shift Gears With Plith (Adam Ames, True Pc Gaming)

Release: Plith (Danny Cowan, IndieGames.com)