Check your ports

Currently, if you want to play a multiplayer race, Yorg requires that users who host a race should open their port 9099 on their router and on their firewall. Please note that this requirement will be removed in future releases of Yorg. If you want to host a race and you can't do that, you should check if your port 9099 is actually open.

How to check if your port 9099 is open

First of all, you need to listen to something on the port 9099. You can do this by inviting a user to a match clicking on the "plus" sign on the right side.

When you are in the "room" page (i.e. the following screen)

you can actually check if your port is open. You can go on this site (anyway, there are a lot of alternative sites that do this), and type 9099 in the Port Number field. Then, you can push the Check button. If the check is positive, then you can host races in Yorg. Otherwise, if the check is negative and you want to host races in Yorg, please check the following conditions:

  • your router is configured for port-forwarding traffic on port 9099 to your host;
  • your firewall allows traffic on port 9099 for Yorg.

Again, we'll remove this requirement in the future, this is only a temporary step for hosting races. Thank you very much!