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You can contact us writing an email to flavio@ya2.it.

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Hi, I'm Flavio Calva. I'm the founder of Ya2. I was born in Rome; at present I live in Rome. I have a degree in computer science. Videogames are my main passion (Football Manager and Civilization are my favourite ones). I love manga (Meitantei Konan is awesome). Moreover, I love detective stories (mostly Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle). I suck at cooking (despite the fact I'm italian). On the technical side, I'm mainly a coder, and Python is my favourite language. If you want, you can follow me on:

Hi, I'm Luca Quartero. I'm working with Flavio and make art assets. I was born in Biella (Piemonte), where I still live. After I discovered Blender, I fallen in love with this program, which offers a lot of tools for 3D graphics, animations and more. I like all kind of games in the videogames world: the most important thing is quality. Lately I'm a passionate of survival games and MMOs. I love thriller movies, but I also like good comedies. I'm not really good at cooking. I play the guitar and I like working wood. I practiced a lot of sports: soccer, swimming, tennis and karate. Lately I practice freeride, but after some falls I parked the bike and drive the mouse now.


My name is Jay and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I currently live in the south of Puerto Rico. In my free time, I love to play classic video games and compose music for fun. I started playing piano at age 14 and decided soon after that music is my hobby and my passion.

Hi everybody, I am Dario Murgia, recently I joined the Ya2 team as beta-tester. I was born in Albano, a nice town nearby Rome, and now I'm living in Nijmegen, a nice city in the Netherlands close to the border with Germany. I have a MSc in Electronics Engineering and I'm working with smart audio amplifiers for smartphones and tablets as Application Engineer. I love music, especially rock and electronic ones, from time to time I go to concerts and big festivals. I play drums, I like to play futsal and fish in lakes or rivers (catch and release only!) Open source and sharing knowledge is my religion, I like to understand how things are made and how they work.

You will receive from me nothing but name, rank and serial number! That's all! I am private Jeff Skyrunner, 4213OTH. I will add only that I am responsbile of all the clever and funny things that are written on this blog and most of social networks, while the stupid ones are written by my imaginary monkey friend, Rudolph. Oh, I am pretty good in cooking too.


  • Deutsch: Wuzzy;
  • Scottish Gaelic: GunChleoc.


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