Blue ribbon for Diones!

It’s a boy!
A new baby car has joined our team!
Uh? What? How baby cars come to this world? Well… you know… you take a bee and a flower… and a programmer with a designer, I guess… and when the programmer bows to smell flower’s scent and paying attention to the bee, the designer at his back…
Well, that wasn’t the point of this post!
I just wanted to let you greet the gorgeous Diones!

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Summer challenge

So, it seems that some of you are not so dumb as others… what? Is it not a kind thing to say to people? Well I guess it isn’t just for those who haven’t notice the hint we gave in the past video…
Ok, ok, I will give everybody the possibility to go and check again the video in the previous post.

Have all of you found the hint?

… no, it’s not the new car, that was obvious since the post was about the new car!

Check again, and then see if you’re right (or just if you’re to lazy to try find yourself)

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What’s up?

Ehi, where have you been? We have done so much work in here and you don’t say nothing? How ungrateful you are!
What? If we don’t publish anything you will not come to us? So now it’s our fault? Is all about how much we give you? How rude you are, don’t you dare have a look to our new car…

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