We’re growing!

No, it doesn’t mean we are becoming older nor that is somebody’s birthday… well, to be honest our developers are very old and technically speaking, each seconds they breath is a second more spent on this planet so a second more of age… and yes, this applies only to them, not to me, since I am too perfect to age, but this wasn’t the point!

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Don’t play with yourself, here’s AIDA

… well, I guess I have to learn how to write better title, but you are very malicious!

Today I’m going to introduce you your hosts in Yorg, aka AIDA!
Well, calling her “host” it’s not entirely correct: her name stands officially for Artificial Intelligence as Driving Assistant, so her (… I know it should be “its”, but the name is Aida, so it’s a “she”) job should be to assist you in increasing your driving skills, but I’ve managed to make a couple of match against her and I think it’s a complete misunderstanding.

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