Oooh.. the first baby steps!

Great things come to those who can wait” said the… you know… the guy… the Wise One… oh well, whoever he (or she) was, has said a Big Truth!
You have waited longer than usual for this post, and for this reason you will see more than usual!

I knew you were going to click that “more” button! You always do that!
In any case, I promised you to give something more, and you definetely are going to have more!

Take a look at our first-fabulous-in-game-live-action-video!

What you’ve seen is our Kronos moving her (yes, to me Kronos is a ‘she’… problems with that?) first baby steps in the city circuit you’ve already seen in our previous posts… and look how she is happy to run!
What do you think? Isn’t she lovely?

Stay tuned for our next news!