On luck

There’s an expression I don’t understand. It’s a common expression among indie developers (and journalists).When they describe a hit (or a fail), if the reasons of its success (fail) aren’t so clear, they’ll (generally) say it’s a luck question. I don’t think it’s a luck question.If you toss a coin and guess the upshot, you’ll (generally) name that “luck”. The truth is that if you know all the variables involved (force of the toss, air resistance, force of gravity, …), you can determine the result deterministically. There isn’t luck. You name “luck” your incapacity (or lack of will) to determine the exact result. Yes, it’s often advantageous to cite luck when you talk about others’ projects. But, when you talk about *your* projects, you’d better avoid citing luck, and allocate your efforts on determining the reasons of the results.