New year’s resolutions

Hello folks!

New year has started and our developers made a lot of resolutions: start going to gym, start a new diet, make new stuff for the game, drink less, don’t scare little children with horrible jokes, understand the difference between “soap” and “soup”… after less than a month, only one resolution survived.

Unfortunately for little children and personal hygiene, the winner is: “Make new stuff for the game”! That’s a very good news for us… well, at least if you’re not a little child living with our developers!

So, let me introduce to you the one and only Iapeto!

Do you like my fireball babe? It’s not the only thing on fire…
Get used to my back, you’re going to see it for a loooong time!

This nasty guy is as burning as the fireball on its side and he can garantee to give you all the fire power you need!
(Did you get it? “Fire power” because it has a fireball on its side… ahahaah… ahah… well, it was funnier in my head!)

Well, ok, to apologize for this joke I will show you something I’ve stolen from archives, but just don’t let them know I was responsible!

Isn’t it a cool guy?

Cool… fireball… no? Oh come on! You don’t deserve me!


Stay tuned