My current job

Hi, I have not write anything about my current job yet, so here is some information. I work at CoRehab, a startup in the rehabilitation sector. I work as a game developer there. We are close to the release of our main product: Riablo. I can not go into too much detail here because of NDA, so I am going to write only publicly available information.

What is Riablo? It is a product composed of a game, a webapp, and sensors. I have entirely developed the game. Patients can perform their exercises by playing this game. The game procedurally generates worlds by using physiotherapist’s input. Then, the game also checks patient’s movements in order to give him feedback. Finally, the game sends reports to the webapp.

The product has three versions: a mobile version, a version for home use, and a version for the rehabilitation center. If you would like to read more about it, check out the official page.

PS Of course, I am still working on games for Ya2. 😉