Must-have tools: Emails 2 RSS

In my last blog posts, I talked about how I manage my inbox. Specifically, I briefly introduced some webservices that I find very useful:

* (it collects newsletters and notifications into daily digests);
* Batched Inbox (it bufferizes emails and moves them to your inbox daily);
* Blogtrottr (it converts RSS feeds to emails).

Now, there is another webservice which is very useful. With the previous services you can obtain a daily batch of emails which consists of the digest and the other emails. But it may still be a large number of emails. Why don’t we force the emails which aren’t collected by to go into’s digest using a small trick?rss_man

Chances are that you decided to put your Blogtrottr emails into your’s digest. You can redirect your uncollected emails to an RSS feed, and add this feed to your Blogtrottr configuration. The service you need is Emails 2 RSS, a great tool which can expose your emails to a (“secret”) RSS feed, so you can read them using an RSS reader or the like. Summarizing:

  1. redirect your uncollected email to an RSS feed using Emails 2 RSS;
  2. add the Email 2 RSS feed to Blogtrottr;
  3. make sure that Blogtrottr is in’s settings.

Of course, you don’t have to put every email into your RSS feed: you can choose to receive specific emails in your Gmail inbox by avoiding passing them to Email 2 RSS.

So, you can obtain a clean inbox (i.e. an inbox which contains only a daily digest and the emails you decide not to collect) using these four services. You can process that digest during a single time slot, so you can avoid several email interruptions.

Check out Emails 2 RSS!