Must-have tools: Blogtrottr

In my last posts, I talked about some great productivity tools: and Batched Inbox. Now, I would like to introduce a new tool which can enhance your productivity: Blogtrottr.

I am lazy (this is a great skill for a programmer), and am very careful about the activities I spend time on. How much time do you spend surfing your favorite sites? Wouldn’t it be better if you could receive notifications when your favorite sites produce new contents? This is exactly the issue solved by RSS feeds.rss_icon_glare

Now, one more step. I am a minimalist person, and don’t like to manage too many applications. Each application needs to be maintained (installed, configured, …), and every time you get a new device you have to repeat this process. So, I started putting everything (todo lists, calendar, …) into my email client. So, when I access my Gmail account, I find everything there. But what about RSS feeds? I wanted to integrate them into my email client too, so I looked for a service which could convert RSS feeds to email messages. The best service I found was Blogtrottr.

Blogtrottr is a great service, and is very simple to use. You have to add the URLs of your favorite RSS feeds, and set the desired schedule of the corresponding emails. When there is new content, you receive an email. So, the content reaches you, not the other way around.

If you are interested in Blogtrottr, check it out!