Jay’s first album!

Hi! Typically, we talk only about Yorg-related topics, but today we have a sort of exception to that. This is not strictly Yorg’s news, but pretty close. “Our” composer has released his first album! Since you may like Yorg’s songs, we think that you may be interested in this great news! Here is the link to the album. Now, some words from Jay for introducing his work!

“On the Ark” is my first album as a progressing solo artist. The album is a mixture of electronic and orchestral elements blended together to create a rich, atmospheric landscape. It is comprised primarily of synthetic instrumental tracks, but there are a few ambient vocal songs as well all sung in different languages. The album was meant to take the listener through both melodic and atonal environments while maintaining its mostly mellow and memorable assortment of leitmotifs and dissonance space. I hope you’ll enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed creating it.