Welcome to the new site

Posted on lun 09 ottobre 2017

Hi! Welcome to the new site! We hope you like it!

We had several issues with the previous one. It was WordPress-based, and after a lot of years there were some minor issues, but they were pretty annoying. Moreover, we wanted to implement a simpler approach, so now we're using Pelican.

Note: if you are following us, you may ...

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Release 0.7 to ease your September

Posted on sab 09 settembre 2017

September has come and that brings a lot of school memories to the most of us... and especially the romantic ones, of course: we are sweet guys (not the developer, I have to say: he is an heartless monster)! Speaking of heartless people, you may have noticed we are not like that cutie you met as a teenager: what we ...

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