Great productivity tool:

Here is a great tool which can improve your productivity significantly. How many times are you being interrupted by email messages? It is a known fact that interruptions decrease your productivity. Moreover, doing batch actions of the same kind (like managing emails) is a powerful timesaver. Also, you would like to have a clean inbox. exactly helps you for that: you can receive a single email in place of dozens of

So, what is exactly? It is a web service which can interact with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, AOL Mail, iCloud and several others. It analyzes your emails and builds a single digest email from them daily. Obviously, you can select which emails can collect (e.g. newsletters, social networks stuff, forums notifications and so on). So, it puts all those emails into a single digest email and lets you manage them in a single time slot. This lets you better focus on your other activities in the remaining time.

Actually, I have reduced the time allocated on email management very much using I used to spend a couple of hours every day doing email stuff. Now, I can reduce that time to less than an hour. Moreover, email time is very focused, so I don’t let email distractions influence my other activities.

Take a look at, you will not fall back into your old bad habits! 🙂