Great productivity tool: Batched Inbox

In my last blog post I talked about It is a great tool which builds a daily digest from your emails.

Unfortunately, can’t collect every email in your inbox (it recognizes newsletters, social network and forum notifications, …). So, there are several emails that you won’t receive into’s digest. How to handle them? If you don’t handle them properly, then you will be interrupted and your productivity will be damaged. too_many_emails

Personally, the point is to avoid being continuously interrupted by emails. Moreover, doing batch actions (e.g. processing a batch of emails) is more productive than distributing your “email time” during the day. helps with that since it builds digests from emails, but we have to complement it with a tool for the emails that are not picked. So, here is Batched Inbox.

Batched Inbox is a web service which moves the emails you receive to a sort of “buffer”. Then, it will move them to your inbox at a desired time. Of course, you can decide if you want to receive specific emails immediately.

So, if you are interested in Batched Inbox, check it out!