First sneak peek

Hi everybody!

First of all, let me introduce myself: I’m Jeff Skyrunner, and I’ll be your host here in these Yorg pages… until they don’t find someone with better communication skill than me (it should be quite easy…)!

Introductions done, so let’s talk about news, the reason you’re supposed to be here on our blog!

Our developers are quite jealous of their secrets and don’t want to share anything with you… but I think you deserve a little sneak peek on what they’re working on, just to tease you!

So let me introduce to you the one and only Kronos, the first of our cars!

Kronos unwrapping UV... aka X-Ray mode on!
Kronos unwrapping UV… aka X-Ray mode on!

What? Don’t you like this view… Urgh, I thought we were all big fans of x-ray vision here!
Ok, ok, what do you think about this one?

Kronos solid view... isn't she lovely? No?
Kronos solid view… isn’t she lovely? No?


… No?

… What?

… You want to see more action? You nasty boys! But I can see what you’re looking for!

So here is our Kronos in action:

Krono's first baby steps!
Krono’s first baby steps!


and a little… ehm… deviation:

It's not my fault! Nobody saw me!
It’s not my fault! Nobody saw me!


So? What do you think about Kronos?

Stay tuned for other news!