Release 0.6 is your summer gift!

I know what you were thinking: “Italians are lazy and now is summer in Italy, so I am sure the all of them are on beaches, doing nothing but eating spaghetti and playing mandolino”… Am I right?
Well, the truth is we would really really love to, but we have made a very important oath: never but never insult music by playing mandolino!
So what to do with so much free time, if we could not torture music?

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We’re growing!

No, it doesn’t mean we are becoming older nor that is somebody’s birthday… well, to be honest our developers are very old and technically speaking, each seconds they breath is a second more spent on this planet so a second more of age… and yes, this applies only to them, not to me, since I am too perfect to age, but this wasn’t the point!

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