Yorg 0.9 release candidate is ready!

Posted on mar 05 giugno 2018

Hi! After a lot of development, we have built a release candidate for Yorg's next version!

We will be more detailed about the new features in release's post. Shortly, in the current build you will find: a new track, a new song, experimental multiplayer support, new languages (spanish, galician, french), updated languages (scottish gaelic), graphics improvements (bloom), some improvements to the driving model.

Here is a screenshot of the new track:

Here is a screenshot during a multiplayer race:

Notes about the multiplayer

We are announcing this release candidate since the multiplayer support is very experimental, and we would like to test it before publishing.

In order to play a multiplayer race, you need an XMPP account. There are a lot of services which provide free XMPP accounts. We suggest creating a new XMPP account for playing Yorg since our XMPP support is still experimental.

Please note that if you want to host a match then you need to open the port 9099 of your router and your firewall (here is a guide for checking if your port is actually open).

We're already working on this limitation (and many other improvements): this is an experimental feature and this is NOT the definitive implementation.


You can find 0.9rc1's download links in Yorg's page, at the bottom.