Release 0.7 to ease your September

September has come and that brings a lot of school memories to the most of us… and especially the romantic ones, of course: we are sweet guys (not the developer, I have to say: he is an heartless monster)! Speaking of heartless people, you may have noticed we are not like that cutie you met as a teenager: what we promise, we give!
I agree, you think Yorg is not as much fun as what the cutie promised you, but we still can give you something to play with! And you don’t have to do homeworks for us!

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Release 0.6 is your summer gift!

I know what you were thinking: “Italians are lazy and now is summer in Italy, so I am sure the all of them are on beaches, doing nothing but eating spaghetti and playing mandolino”… Am I right?
Well, the truth is we would really really love to, but we have made a very important oath: never but never insult music by playing mandolino!
So what to do with so much free time, if we could not torture music?

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